Russian Military Moves in the Middle East


Colors of an Ousted Lebanon recreates Beirut’s ancient souks, snippets of traditional horse races.

And bright-lit dancers from the sixty-sixties on an animated roller coaster through a maze of shop-front stalls and colorful buildings that once served as the city’s commercial heart.

The vibrant city that once gave birth to the modern nation of Lebanon has fallen to a terrible series of Islamic attacks over the past twenty years.

As the once glorious middle-class city suffers from ruins left by these attacks. The citizens of this once beautiful place to seek solace in the colors and splendor of the once grand UFA.

This is “Colors of an Ousted Lebanon,” a third person animated representation of this once glorious part of Lebanese history.

“Colors of an Ousted Lebanon” shows the resilience of the land that once prospered under the rule of King Faisal and the Hezbollah bombardment.

The scenes here display the old wares of this once thriving city including the ubiquitous baquerab-tourism. Where locals trade in everything from fresh and salt water fish to handicrafts and electrical goods.

While some stalls have replaced the goods lost in the recent attacks. Many are still busy displaying the traditional wares of the town as they wait for customers to pay their last respects to the recently passed leader of Hezbollah.

At one point during “Colors of an Ousted Lebanon,” viewers introduced to a man named Bilal. Who is a Hezbollah supporter who lives in the heavily fortified southern suburbs of Beirut.

Although Hezbollah has claimed victory in targeting President Bush and leading to his forced resignation. No one is quite sure of that claim, as the president remains in Washington.

For now, however, we can look forward to seeing what happens when Hezbollah does finally take the fight to America. Washington and tries to bring down the American economy with a crippling attack on the dollar. ดูหนังฟรี

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